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Store recipes. Create aisle-by-aisle grocery lists.

Going out for grocery shopping? Make sure you have the Grocery List Generator (GLG) app installed on your Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad! Use the GLG app to store all your recipes and share them with friends. Put all ingredients on your aisle-by-aisle grocery list, simply by tapping recipes. Add other items like toothpaste and you’re ready to go grocery shopping!

The main GLG features

  • Store recipes including description, ingredients and photo;
  • Add your own items to the built-in items list;
  • Create an aisle mapping based on your supermarket;
  • All your recipes and groceries up to date on all your iOS devices;
  • Share recipes with friends through Twitter, email or link.

An introduction to the Grocery List Generator app
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Try before you buy!

Try the GLG app for free. All the features from the normal version, but a limited number of recipes and items you can add.

Download it from the App Store.