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All your recipes and groceries up to date on all your iOS devices.

All your recipes and groceries up to date on all your iOS devicesWith the GLG Sync feature your recipes, groceries and grocery list are available on all your iOS devices. So the recipe you created on your iPad is now pushed to the GLG app on your iPhone. And that grocery list you so carefully composed for your partner will automatically appear in the GLG app on his or her iPod/iPhone. And the beauty part of it all: you don’t have to do anything! The GLG app will keep everything in sync for you automatically. GLG Sync comes standard with the full version of the GLG app.

All your favorite recipes at your fingertips!

All your favorite recipes at your fingertips!Never forget or lose a recipe again. Store all your favorite recipes, including a photo and a description in the GLG app. A single tap adds all of the ingredients to your grocery list. Are you having extra guests coming over for dinner? Tap the recipe according to the number of servings.

Share your recipes with friends.

All your favorite recipes at your fingertips!Do your friends love your cooking? Why not share your recipes with them through email or Twitter? If your friends use the GLG app, they can add your delicious recipe with just a few taps. You can also copy and paste the recipe link to post it on your blog or Facebook page.

Smart grocery item properties.

Smart grocery item properties.You can assign each item to the aisle it is stored in your supermarket. The flexible quantity picker enables you to specify the exact default amount, weight or volume. Don’t worry, when assigning the item to a recipe, you can tweak its quantity properties. You can also prevent certain items (e.g. non-food items) from appearing in your recipe ingredients list by switching the label “Recipe Ingredient” off. Finally you can mark items as “Stock items” to only add these to your list when you are (almost) out of stock.

Suitable for one-stop shopping.

Suitable for one-stop shopping.Do you do all your groceries in one store? The GLG app is perfectly fit out for one-stop shopping! Your main items list offers room for all your groceries, food and non-food.

Tailor-made grocery list for your supermarket.

Tailor-made grocery list for your supermarket.Create your grocery list by simply tapping one or more recipes and additional items from your main items list. Your grocery list is automatically arranged and sorted based on your personal aisle mapping. When shopping you can cross off each item by tapping it. This will move it down to the “Added to my cart” section on your list.

Send your grocery list to a friend.

Send your grocery list to a friend.Want a friend to do your grocery shopping? Send them your grocery list by email or Twitter. This also comes in handy if you couldn’t find all of your groceries and you’d like your friend to pick up the remaining items.

Looking for something particular to cook?

Looking for something particular to cook?Can’t decide what to make? Looking for that one recipe that contains that specific ingredient? Simply text-search all of your recipes. For instance, say you’re craving for some steak, but don’t know what to make. Just type in “steak” in the search bar and the GLG app will display all recipes which name or ingredients contain the word “steak”.

Why choose the Grocery List Generator app?

Why choose the Grocery List Generator app?The Grocery List Generator is an app dedicated to grocery shopping. No more, no less. The result is a smart and well thought-out app that stores all your recipes and creates a smart and efficient grocery list, time and time again.